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Proseals was spending valuable time and money with extra steps and an inefficient manufacturing process to create metal ferrules. Crystal designed and built 8 new tools simultaneously per an aggressive timeline, providing Proseals with a more consistent and cost competitive product.

The ferrules were originally manufactured using a CNC process with stage tooling. The Crystal-designed progressive dies incorporated the Rockwell requirement into the stamping process, eliminating a secondary hardening step. The family of tools are the most state- of-the-art progressive dies, incorporating precision-guided stripper systems and in-tool die safety.

Project Example

Rear Ferrules

Tool design and manufacture of a tight tolerance rear stainless steel ferrule stamping.

Project Outcome

Increased production output, lowered costs and improved overall product quality and performance.

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We make hard stamping simple. We use Bruderer high speed presses (yes, the same Swiss-made presses Rolex uses) and we run them to their fullest capability, utilizing both precision and speed to maximize production.

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There’s a million CNC machine shops out there. Why should your choice be Crystal? What’s makes us different? What makes us better?

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Engineering Screen Removal

Make our engineers your engineers! We solve your complex problems by looking for the most creative, straightforward solutions. And what better way to accomplish that goal than to pair your team with a member of our talented engineering staff?!


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