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About Us

Facts You Should Know

We are Diverse

We provide employment to 45 area residents from a wide range of races, ethnicities and backgrounds.

We Educate

We are devoted to machining, manufacturing and our region’s labor force. Whether it’s a new hire or a member of our apprentice program, we train hard workers to succeed and become leaders in the machining industry.

We are International

We serve customers in 60+ countries, from the U.S. to Germany, Israel to Singapore.

We are Established

Sixty (60!!) years in business, and showing no signs of slowing.

We are Forward Thinking

CRYSTAL ENGINEERING constantly looks for ways to innovate, create, expedite, and improve.

We Communicate

We want you to know where your project or shipment stands at all times.

Investing in our Business is an Investment in Yours

In recent years, CRYSTAL ENGINEERING has invested millions of dollars in capital equipment and more to come!

Testimonial Quotation Mark

Crystal designed and built eight new tools simultaneously per an aggressive timeline, providing Proseals with a more consistent and cost-competitive product.

- Greg DeFelice, Director of Purchasing, Proseals USA
Packaging Stamping Assortment

Our Services

Precision Stamping
CNC Machining
Crystal Engineering
High Speed Stamping Press

Precision Stamping

High Speed Stamping Press

We make hard stamping simple. We use Bruderer high speed presses (yes, the same Swiss-made presses Rolex uses) and we run them to their fullest capability, utilizing both precision and speed to maximize production.

Wire EDM Machine

CNC Machining

Wire EDM Machine

There’s a million CNC machine shops out there. Why should your choice be Crystal? What’s makes us different? What makes us better?

Engineering Screen Removal

Tooling & Production

Engineering Screen Removal

Make our engineers your engineers! We solve your complex problems by looking for the most creative, straightforward solutions. And what better way to accomplish that goal than to pair your team with a member of our talented engineering staff?!


Crystal Engineering Chicago


Light fixtures. School buses. Household appliances. Outboard motors. What do they have in common? They are all made using washers by World Washer & Stamping, a division of Crystal Engineering.

We Provide Precision-Engineered Solutions

We are a group of passionate and experienced people seeking to transform the world of manufacturing.

Our Clients

These are the names we brag about. We want them to say the same about us.

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